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Easter Island 2 Slot Review

Easter Island 2 slot is a brand new updated version of the original game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Pokies and Aussies have a good history when it comes to casino games. It’s one of the more popular games that’s played in online casinos in Australia.

Like all games from Yggdrasil Gaming, this one also features some really good graphics and bonus mechanics. The overall gameplay is quite good, and it’s nicely rounded out with that generous payout. Today, we explore all of these things in more detail.

Slot Name: Easter Island 2
Software: Yggdrasil Gaming
RTP: 96%
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Paylines: 25-55
Reels: 6
Min Coins Per Spin: 0.35
Max Coins Per Spin: 450
Top Win: 2,500x


  • Unique 3D game graphics
  • Bonus respins feature available
  • Fun theme for a slot
  • Reels are expanding


  • Compared to the original game, fewer paylines
  • Lack of free spins feature

RTP in the Slot Easter Island 2

As all slots players know, the RTP in pokies determines how good it is. Because the higher the RTP, the more wagered money you can expect to get back. And Easter Island 2 slot has a really nice RTP for that.

The game stands at 96% RTP. It’s perfect for a newly released game. New players will be willing to try it out because of the high RTP. But like we always say, this is a theoretically calculated value. Don’t expect to get 96% of your wager back guaranteed from the theoretical calculation.

What Buttons are Used?

The buttons used in this game are the ones we see common in most online pokies in Australia. But just so there’s nothing you miss, we’re going to go over them once more.

The main button that will control all of your gameplay is going to be the spin button. It can be found in the center of the screen. It’s a big blue button, so there’s no way you’re going to miss it. Beside it are two other blue buttons as well.

The button on the right is for the autoplay feature. Something that’s different in the Easter Island 2 game is regarding the autospin. This game will let you set an infinite number of autospins.

The reels will keep spinning so long as you have money in your account. You can also stop the autospin manually any time.

The button on the left toggles the max bet. Instead of clicking the bet button, you can bet the max value in just a single click. You will get a prompt confirming that the max bet has been placed.

As for the rest of the buttons, you have your paytable, sound controls, and wager controls. And they work in this slot game just as you’d expect.

How to Play Easter Island 2 Pokies?

There isn’t anything that’s too complicated about the gameplay of Easter Island 2 slot game. It functions just like any other pokies that you can play at online casinos. For those of you completely new to slots and casino games, here’s a short guide to get you started.

  1. Before firing up the reels, go through the paytable first. It will contain all the necessary information about the paylines and the symbols.
  2. The paytable will contain information about the symbols payout as well as any bonus feature. Easter Island 2 comes with a unique respins feature that increases the number of paylines. Make sure to look into that.
  3. Set the value and number of coins to get started. You can wager a maximum of 25 coins per line. The bet range sits around A$0.35 to A$450.
  4. When you’re satisfied with your wager, press the «Spin» button and the reels will start spinning. All 6 reels will come to stop at random.
  5. If you land on a winning combination, you will be informed of it with a distinct audio cue. Even the stone-faced statues on either side will start celebrating.

How to Win at Easter Island 2 Slot

Now that you know how to play the Easter Island 2 slot for real money, it’s time to talk about strategy. If you keep wagering money, only to lose, you will start getting bored with the game pretty soon.

You should try to understand what counts as winning in this game. If you don’t even know what a winning combination is in the game, how will you anticipate victory?

The paylines are counted from the left most reel. Let’s call that reel 1. For a combination to be considered a winner, they must all start from reel 1. And the matching symbols must appear in each successive reel. If there is a gap in any of the reels, it won’t count as a paying combo.

Speaking of paylines, you start with 25. But due to the bonus mechanic, «Expanding Reels», the number of paylines can go up to as much as 55! That gives you even more ways to win.

Special Symbols

We ask that you pay attention to this section. Because arguably, it’s the most important section of the entire Easter Island 2 slot review. We’re going to talk about special symbols.

The reason why special symbols are important is that they’re tied into the payout. The different symbols have different payout values. It’s imperative that Aussie players know which is the highest symbol to fully understand the payout breakdown.

Let’s start with the special symbols first. The first one that we’re going to talk about is the red bird with the jewel on its head. This is by far the highest-paying symbol in the game. Getting 6 of these on the payline will pay out 1000x of the wager.

The next symbol is a fox that pays 250x for getting 6 of it. This is followed by the smiling green turtle. That symbol pays 200x of the wager value. These are the top 3 symbols that payout a good chunk of money.

But we’re not done yet. There are two more special symbols that we need to get through. The first one is a purple snake. This funny-looking symbol pays out 150x for getting the maximum number on the payline. And finally the blue fish which pays out only 100x.

The rest of them are the low paying symbol. You can find information of their payouts along with the special symbol on the paytable.

Other than these symbols, there is one other that we haven’t mentioned yet. It’s the wild symbol and it’s coming in the next section of the reviews.

Easter Island 2 Bonus Features & Free Spins

When it comes to the bonus features in any slots games, the first thing that pops into mind is the free spins. But in Easter Island 2 slot machine, there is no mechanic that triggers a free spin round. What you have here is a respins round.

The respins differ from free spins in many ways. The first of them is that respins cannot be retriggered. When you run out of those, you will have to wait for the next respins round.

But what exactly happens during the respins round? According to the unique mechanic of this game, respins are triggered when you land 3 of a kind winning combination. If you trigger the respins with low-paying symbols, during the respins they get transformed into high-paying ones.

You might be wondering, what happens if the triggering symbols are high paying? Will you get low-paying symbols then? Not at all. Those symbols will get replaced by other high-paying symbols, creating even more winning combinations in the slots.

If you hit 4,5, or 6-of-a-kind winning combinations, you get colossal blocks to create winning combinations.The colossal blocks are 2x2. 3x3 and 4x4 blocks respectively.

During the respins, colossal Wild symbols also come into play. Which is the colossal Wild? You can identify it from its golden colour.

The Main Gambling Tups for Easter Island 2 Slot

In order to avoid a situation from ever taking place, you need to use strategies. We’d like to clarify now, that there’s no strategy to keep winning 100% of the time. But using these will help you regulate your gameplay experience.

  1. Even before you sit down to start spinning the reels, decide on a bankroll. This is the amount of money that you will deposit to play the Easter Island 2 game.
  2. The next step is setting a win/loss limit. We’re including both here because we don’t think it’s worth taking more risk when you hit your win/loss limit.
  3. If you still have money left in your account after hitting your limits, simply walk away. You can save that money and use it on any other game some other time. Sometimes you can have a case of bad luck, and it’s okay to accept that.

Easter Island 2 Demo Play/Free Play

Now that you’ve heard a lot about this game, you must be wondering, whether or not it’s possible to play Easter Island 2 slot free online. It’s indeed possible to do so. But you will be playing the game with demo money, so it’s going to be for fun.

The demo version is a great addition from the software providers. Because it lets you check out all the little details in the Easter Island 2 slot demo.

It’s the little features that make all the difference in new slot games in Australia. And if you want to play a slot with real money, it’s best if you can try it out.

Review of the Easter Island 2

If we had to summarize the best things in the review, we’d have to say the graphics were one of the best parts of the game. The visual elements added a sense of immersion to the game. Coupled with the bonus features and increasing paylines, Easter Island 2 promises an amazing time.

Information About Easter Island 2 Provider

The game was created by Yggdrasil Gaming. This provider started the journey back in 2013. Compared to the giants in the industry, that’s a very short time. But even in their short tenure, they’ve managed to become a giant themselves.

There are hundreds of games to choose from, and all of them are wonderful in their own right. The provider has its games in the libraries of the biggest brands in the industry.

Is Easter Island 2 Slot Mobile-Optimized?

One of the great things about Easter Island 2, or any slot game from Yggdrasil is the fact that all games are mobile compatible. All the games are made using HTML5 and JavaScript, which makes them completely playable on any mobile device.


❓ Can I play the Easter island 2 slot for free?

If it’s just for the sake of testing out the different features with virtual money, then you can play this slot for free.

❓ Does Easter island 2 offer free spins?

Unlike other games, Easter Island 2 does not come with any free spins. In terms of bonus features, there is a respins round.

❓ Can I win real money playing Easter Island 2?

The slot is a real money slot game. If you wager on the slot with your real money, then the winning combinations are also going to pay out real money.

❓ Can I Download Easter Island 2 Slot Machine?

Yggdrasil games can be played on desktop and mobile devices. To play them, you don't need to download any software. They can be enjoyed directly using a browser.

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