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Faerie Spells Slot Review

Faerie Spells slot transports you directly to a land of the fairies. Unravel the mysteries and spin the reels to uncover the riches hidden within. This 5x3 slot from Betsoft will have you coming back for more at the casino.

The game features colourful 3D graphics with amazing symbol design. Even the interface looks magical and draws you in. And wait till you hear about the bonus features and game mechanics. Let’s start.

Slot Name: Faerie Spells
Software: Betsoft
RTP: 96.03%
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Coins Per Spin: 0.1
Max Coins Per Spin: 10
Top Win: 4 different jackpots


  • Bright colourful slot grid
  • Features a 96.03% RTP
  • Max rewards is a jackpot


  • Medium volatility
  • Jackpots can be hard to get

RTP in the Slot Faerie Spells

If you’ve taken a look at the table, you should have an initial impression about the Faerie Spells slot. The game comes with multiple jackpot rewards. But is it safe to chase after these rewards? We’ll have you know that you don’t need to worry at all.

The game has an RTP of 96.03%. That is more than you can find on average in casino games. This also ensures that the slot is beginner-friendly and any new Aussie player can start playing it easily.

What Buttons are Used?

We know, we’ve been rambling on and on about the game and its interface design. We’ll show you exactly what we’re talking about to help you understand what we mean.

Like most slot games, you can find all of the buttons listed just below the grid. Each button is noticeable and performs different functions. Let’s go over all of them.

The main buttons that you need to concern yourself with are the «Spin» button and the controls for the wager. The «Spin» button is located on the right and it’s a big golden circle. The controls for the bet are right in the centre of the screen. All information regarding your current wager and winnings are also displayed here.

Beside the «Spin» button are two other important buttons that we need to talk about. One is for setting the Autoplay function. The other one is the «Buy Feature» button. You can use it to buy free spins directly.

Other buttons include the Double Up button, which can double your reward. You also have the button that displays the paytable with all of the useful information. And if the sparkly magical sounds start to get to you, you can get rid of it using the «Mute» button.

How to Play Faerie Spells Pokies?

So, how would you start a typical game of the Faerie Spells slot real money? What are the steps that you need to follow to enjoy the game just the way you’re meant to enjoy it? In this section, we’ve prepared a short guide to help you out.

  1. Faerie Spells has a standard 3x5 layout. Before you wager any money on the slot, make sure to pay the paytable a visit.
  2. The paytable will contain all of the information needed to learn the rules of the game. If you’re chasing after any of the rewards, you can find all of the details here.
  3. When you’re done reading all the rules, set a wager on the slot. You can also use the Autoplay option to set these wagers in advance.
  4. When you’re done setting everything up, go ahead and press the «Spin» button. The reels should start spinning. All that’s left to do is hope that you land a winning payline.

How to Win at Faerie Spells Slot

If you’ve more or less understood how the Faerie Spells slot game works, you should now pay attention on winning. How do you win in this game effectively? Let’s take a look at that.

This game comes with a bunch of bonus features. There are more mechanics in the game than you can count. If you seriously want to win consistently, you should understand those rules first.

Even during the free spins round, there are 4 outcomes that you can potentially have. If you get lucky, they can lead you to any one of four jackpot prizes. If you want the most out of your wagered money, this is what you want to look for.

Special Symbols

As we’ve told you, there are a lot of bonus mechanics in the game. And with each one comes new special symbols. To help you make sense of the Faerie Spells slot review, we’re going to go over all of those symbols.

We’ll start off with the highest paying symbol in the game. In this case, that would be a Tree Spirit. This symbol pays 100x for 5 on the grid. The symbol is also Wild, meaning it will substitute for all other symbols other than the Fairy Queen and the Scatter diamond.

Speaking of the Fairy Princess, that’s the next paying symbol. And this one will pay 75x on your current bet. This is followed by another fairy, a Pixie. The Pixie symbol will only pay 50x at best.

The next symbol on the docket is a Tree. This one will pay less than the Pixie at only 40x of your wager for 5 matching ones. After that, we’re only left with two other symbols. These are the diamond Dragonfly and a Golden Tiara.

Both of these symbols will pay the same amount. But they are not interchangeable on the grid. If you get 5 matching symbols out of any of these two, you will get 25x of your bet value.

But there are some other symbols that we also need to talk about. The Fairy Queen, for example. This symbol is necessary to get free spins. You need at least three of this one to get started. The more you get, the more free spins you can enjoy. The most that you can get will be 25.

Other than the Fairy Queen, there is a Scatter diamond as well. This one pays 50x for 5 on the grid. This one has a special feature. When you get one anywhere on the reel, the symbol gets destroyed and the reel cascades and new symbols come from the top.

Faerie Spells Bonus Features & Free Spins

The Faerie Spells slot machine comes with multiple bonus offers. Australian players looking to win real money from this game need to make good use of the bonus features if they hope to score big.

The easiest bonus feature is the Double Up. Every time you hit a win, you will have the option to double your wins instantly. To do this, a player will need to press the Double Up button and make a prediction for a coin toss. If the prediction is correct, the wins will be doubled.

As for the other bonus, it’s the free spins round. We’ve already talked about the triggering requirements. Let’s talk about the main attraction of this round.

During the free spins round, you will be introduced to 4 new symbols. These are the symbols that you want on the slot during the free spins round. Collecting them will fill the meters located on the left.

If you manage to fill any meter, you will get the jackpot reward associated with it. The trick here is to get lucky enough to get enough symbols to get the jackpot.

The Main Gambling Tips for Faerie Spells Slot

Are there any effective tips for winning the big rewards? It can’t just all be dumb luck? You’re right. If you want to be as efficient as posible on your hunt for the Fae treasures, you will need some assistance. Here are some tips that you can look into.

  1. The biggest payouts are locked behind the free spins. So, your first priority is going to be unlocking the free spins round. You can try to get it to happen naturally. Or you can us the «Buy Feature» to start it yourself.
  2. If you’re using the «Buy Feature» make sure, you have a bankroll to back it up. If you don’t then you’ll have to settle for a natural occurrence. Set up limits for your gameplay to avoid wasting any money.
  3. Also be informed about the special jackpot symbols that you need. You need to stay informed about which symbol is tied to which jackpot.

Faerie Spells Demo Play/Free Play

The providers have also included the option for a Faerie Spells slot demo. It’s a wonderful feature that comes with the game to let you sample different mechanics and bonus features.

You can trigger the free spins or even try the «Buy Feature» and see which one feels worth it. Just keep in mind that the demo mode has boosted chances for the symbols in order to help with the testing process.

Review of the Faerie Spells

So what are our thoughts? Overall, we liked the game a lot. It had an offering of the best bonus features that we’ve seen in slot games in a long while. You can play Fairy Spells slot free online as well. The theme is very interesting, and the payout is not too shabby either.

The design of the game does a lot to give you an immersive slot experience. You will forget that you’re not in a fairy tale, but you’re actually playing a game based on that. That’s just how good this game is. Try your luck and see if you can bag any of the jackpot rewards.

Information About Faerie Spells Provider

If you’re an Australian gambler who adores pokies, you had to have heard the name Betsoft. It’s one of the biggest software providers in the industry. The company started back in 1999. Even today, they are considered one of the very best when it comes to slot games.

But slots are not their only focus. You can find Betsoft in almost everything. Table games, betting platforms, live dealer games, you name it. Betsoft has its fingers dipped in every jar.

Is Faerie Spells Slot Mobile-Optimized?

If you’ve played any Betsoft titles in the past, you should know by now that all of their slots are optimized for mobile gameplay. The provider has a team that codes the games in HTML5 which makes them versatile and compatible to run on any mobile browser.

Having the game available to run on mobile, makes it easier for Aussie players on the go to join in on the fun.


❓ Can I play the Faerie Spells slot for free?

A demo mode comes with Faerie Spells for free. If you want to test-run the game for features, then make use of the demo version.

❓ Does Faerie Spells offer free spins?

Free spins are the most important thing in Faerie Spells. You can win 4 tiers of jackpot from the free spins round in the game.

❓ Can I win real money playing Faerie Spells?

The precondition for winning real money from Faerie Spells is that you need to play with real money. If you meet this requirement, you’re good to go.

❓ Can I Download Faerie Spells Slot Machine?

Betsoft games are made in such a way that the games can be played in a desktop or a mobile browser. And you don’t need any additional software to do it.

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