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Jackpot Express Slot Review in Australia

Jackpot Express slot has to be one of the best casino games to show up in recent years. Players in Australia are having a great time spinning the reels of this amazing slot game. People have said some great things about the gaming experience and the graphics of the game.

Yggdrasil Gaming is the creator of the game. They have managed to combine a mix of simplicity with visual artistic flair to create this game. Today, we’re going to take a look at all of the different features this game offers.

Slot Name: Jackpot Express
Software: Yggdrasil Gaming
RTP: 96.2%
Volatility: Low Volatility
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Coins Per Spin: 0.20
Max Coins Per Spin: 100
Top Win: 2175x


  • Amazing attention to detail in symbols design
  • Beginner-friendly slot because of the low variance
  • Three different bonus rounds with unique mechanics


  • Free spins are fixed and cannot be refreshed
  • Compared to other slots features a low top prize

RTP in the Slot Jackpot Express

One of the great ways to start off reviews is to inform the players about the RTP of the slot. After all, that’s what players look for first. In the case of Jackpot Express pokies, players can enjoy a 96.2% RTP.

The slot also has low to medium volatility. That makes it perfect for new players, as the risk involved is minimal. From our calculations, players can expect a win rate of over 30% on this slot.

What Buttons Are Used

One of the great things that we liked when making the Jackpot Express slot review was the interface. Particularly, the design of the controls. The provider has done a fantastic job to ensure that they blend with the overall aesthetic of the game.

All of the buttons in the slot machine are located on the bottom of the grid. The main buttons that will catch your eye are promptly located in the middle of the screen. The green button is for spinning the reels once.

You will also notice two other buttons besides the spin button. The one on the left is to enable the max bet on the game. The button on the right is to enable quick play. There are also “+” and ”-” signs to adjust the coin value.

To access the paytable for the slot game you can click on the “+” icon on the left side. This will also bring up all of the other settings to adjust the sound and other settings.

One thing that we need to add here is that all symbols on the grid are clickable. Clicking on them will show their payout information.

How to Play Jackpot Express Pokies

It’s really easy for Aussie players to fire up the engine for the Jackpot Express slot and start playing it. Even though it’s so easy, it’s understandable that you might be feeling confused about the gameplay.

This section will walk you through how a typical round of Jackpot Express plays out.

  1. There is an option to set the spin speed for players who like their spins to go really fast. This can be done by accessing the settings from the left-hand side.
  2. To start playing, you first need to set the wager value for coins. In Jackpot Express, you have the option to wager from 0.20 to 100 coins.
  3. You can also use the autoplay option to play longer without much effort. Just set the number of spins you want for the autoplay and hit the spin button. The reels will start spinning automatically.
  4. This pokies also gives players the option to set win/loss limits. In this way, Jackpot Express helps problem gamblers regulate their gambling habits.
  5. The game also comes with three different grades of progressive jackpots. If you get to win any of those, that will make the game easier.

How to Win at Jackpot Express Slot

Before you can start winning real money in this pokies, you will need to clearly understand the winning conditions. How can you tell when you’ve won a spin in the Jackpot Express slot machine? This section talks exactly about that.

The basic rules for Jackpot Express are the same as any other slot game. For a spin to payout, you have to get at least 3 symbols on the payline. This is a 5x3 slot that comes with 20 paylines.

The more symbols you get, the better the payout. The payout also depends on the quality of the symbol. If it’s a high-paying symbol, the payout will be larger and vice versa.

One really cool mechanic in the game is the Captain symbol. If you manage to get a five-of-a-kind combination, that symbol will pay 12.5x of your bet.

To help you get winning combinations, there’s the trusty Wild Symbol. When the Wild symbol comes on the reels, it gets much easier to win prizes.

Special Symbols

There are a couple of special symbols that you’ll need to be aware of in the Jackpot Express slot game. You will need a good grasp of the special symbols if you want to completely understand the payout system.

The main symbol that you should be concerned with is the Wild Symbol. It has an ornate decorative design with the words Wild on it. And just like we mentioned before, this will substitute for other symbols on the reels to give you a matching combination.

The Bonus symbols is also important to keep note of. This is the symbol that will trigger one of three unique bonus features. You can tell this symbol apart from its unique gold chip design.

There are also three symbols that will come up during the three unique bonus rounds. The symbols are themed after the name of the bonus rounds. You have the Card Free Spins, The Bonus Free Spins, and the Roulette Free Spins.

Jackpot Express Bonus Features and Free Spins

Now we get to the juiciest part of the Jackpot Express real money review, and that’s the bonuses. As we mentioned before, Yggdrasil gaming has created three separate bonus modes for you to enjoy. Each one has some unique rules and conditions.

The triggering conditions are the same as usual. To start, the bonus round is realy simple. Spin the reels and if you manage to get three bonus Scatter symbols. There are three kinds of unique bonus round. The kind that you’ll get to play is selected by the Wheel of Fortune.

So, what are these three special rounds? Let’s take a look.

Card Free Spins

During the bonus round, there are two parties, the dealer and the player. The player is obviously you, and the dealer is the machine itself. Each party will be dealt a card at the start of the bonus round.

If the player’s card value is higher than the dealer’s then a sticky wild symbol gets added to the reel, until the end of the free spins. That will help to land winning combinations much easier.

Dice Free Spins

The Dice Free Spins round is perhaps the simpler of the three bonus rounds. It’s different front he previous bonus round in the sense that the mechanic takes place after a free spin is over.

The dice get rolled and a random number between 2 and 12 can come up. This is the multiplier for your wager. If you get a high multiplier that can make for some good payout.

Roulette Free Spins

Now we’re left with the last of the bonus rounds. Just like a roulette game, you will get a bunch of rewards from the wheel. Similar to the Dice Free spins, the roulette wheel is spun after each free spin.

But what does it do for you? The roulette table has a bunch of special modifiers that apply to the bonus rounds. Each time the wheel is spun, you will get one of these modifiers applied to the bonus round.

The Main Gambling Tips for Jackpot Express Slot

There is no slot game in Australia where you can keep winning all the time. It’s in the nature of a title like Jackpot Express to be random. You can’t create a strategy for the game by making predictions about the outcome.

But you can create strategies to regulate how you play the game yourself. That means taking steps in controlling yourself when you’re playing the slot. Here are some tips that we can offer.

  1. You can set personal limits for yourself before you start playing the game. Normally, you’d have to do it manually. But with the game, this comes as a feature.
  2. Decide on the wager amount for a single coin. We advise you to stick to this wager value as close to it as possible. That way you can stop yourself from overspending on the slot.
  3. If you’re having bad luck with the slot, it’s okay to take a day off and come back later.

Jackpot Express Demo Play / Free Play

One of the great things about this slot is that you can play Jackpot Express slot free online. Starting to play on a new slot without testing out the game once is not a smart move. In fact, we advise against it.

That’s right. The provider gives players the option to check everything, from the gameplay all the way to the bonus features. And you can do it all in the demo mode.

Using free money, you can play the slot until you are satisfied. When you’re happy with the game and all it has to offer, then you can start playing the actual game that has real money transactions.

Review of Jackpot Express

We’re quite impressed with the overall experience of Jackpot Express. As it’s a low-variance slot game, you get to win often even if the payout is not high. But the addition of the progressive jackpots does allow a player to enjoy a sizeable chunk of coins.

We have considered the combination of a safe-to-play slot with all the added benefits of a clean interface. And we think that Jackpot Express is a really solid option. There is nothing too complicated about it. Anyone can join and start playing instantly.

Information about Jackpot Express Provider

If you should know about Yggdrasil Gaming, they are considered one of the best in the iGaming industry. Not only do they make slot games, but their portfolio also includes lottery games, and scratch games among many others.

Is Jackpot Express Slot Mobile-Optimized?

If you don’t have the time to play the slot game on your desktop, you can play it on the go with your phone. In fact, it’s not just this title. You can play almost all Yggdrasil games using any Android or iOS devices. Compatibility isn’t an issue.


❓ Can I play the Jackpot Express slot for free?

The demo version of the game is absolutely free to try out. You can check out the Jackpot Express slot demo if you want to give it a shot.

❓ Does Jackpot Express offer free spins?

Yes, it does. The game offers three different kinds of bonus rounds where you can enjoy free spins to win bonus cash.

❓ Can I win real money playing Jackpot Express?

Only real money wagers will let you win real money. If you play the real money version, only then will you get real money back as a reward.

❓ Can I download Jackpot Express slot machine?

One of the great things about the slot is the no download requirement. You can start playing instantly on your browser.

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