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Take Olympus Slot Review for Aussies

Take Olympus slot takes you back all the way to ancient Greece. Witness the power of the Greek gods and enjoy the boons that they offer in this amazing slot game from Betsoft.

The game features amazing visuals and unique mechanics. You get to experience the power of the gods building up the more you keep spinning. Take Olympus is perfect if you’re looking for variety in your games.

Today, we’re going to see what separates this game from other slots. You will find detailed descriptions of all the different features in our review.

Slot Name Take Olympus
Software Betsoft
RTP 95.49%
Volatility Low Volatility
Paylines 50
Reels 5
Min Coins Per Spin 0.10
Max Coins Per Spin 40
Top Win 2328x


  • Low volatility makes it safe to play
  • Impressive graphics
  • Powerful graphics and sound design
  • Unique game mechanics though the God’s Power feature


  • The win rate is little due to the low risks involved
  • The mechanics can get confusing

RTP in the Slot Take Olympus

The best way to understand whether or not the Take Olympus slot game is worth your time is to check the RTP. In the case of this slot, the RTP value sits at 96.49%.

Newcomers might be wondering, what does this percentage value have to do with the slot being good? The RTP represents the expected amount of money that will be returned to you.

You always want a high RTP no matter what slot you’re playing. That way, if you’re playing in a long session of the slot machine, you can expect to have that percentage of money returned back to you.

What Buttons Are Used

If you’ve played Betsoft titles previously, you should be familiar with the layout of the Take Olympus slot machine. The provider likes to keep the controls more or less the same when it comes to their slot games.

You have your traditional wager controls. From here you can set the value for each coin. One thing that you’ll instantly notice when you start interacting is that the scene of the game will change when you change the value of your wager.

You can also use autoplay on the slot. This will let you adjust the value of your bet and set the number of spins in advance. If you have a large bankroll and you have the intention of playing for a long session on the game, then this is what you need.

You can also check out all necessary info on the game from the paytable. For beginners, we recommend that you check out the paytable for the slot machine first. There are some extra mechanics that you’d want to read up on.

There are some additional buttons that control the sound of the game. The soundtrack adds an extra layer of entertainment to the game. But if you want, you can have it turned off.

How to Play Take Olympus Pokies

Take Olympus is one of the pokies in Australia, that does not play like any other pokies you may have encountered. The mechanics involving the five featured gods completely change the way you would play a slot game.

But playing the game follows the same principle. You start by setting a wager and the number of coins for the Take Olympus game reels. When you’re ready, you start spinning the slots. When you land the winning combination, you get paid. That’s all there is to it.

If you’re particularly unlucky, you might be spinning the slot for a long time. Remember, the slot has low volatility? That means you won’t be winning as often. That’s where the Autoplay feature comes to the rescue.

How to Win at Take Olympus Slot

You’ve already seen how to play the game. But how do you figure out when you’ve won? Let’s see about that.

Aside from the special mechanics with the Greek gods, the way to win at Take Olympus is similar to other video slots. By getting matching symbols on the payline, you can win prizes. And there are 50 ways to do it.

You can find a list of all of these paylines when you bring up the paytable. Check them out before you start playing to understand when you’ve managed to hit a winning combination.

Special Symbols

The bonus symbols in Take Olympus real money are part of what makes the game so different. These symbols are crucial to understanding the payout system as well as their effects on the bonus features.

When you’re checking the paytable of the Take Olympus game for the symbols, you will notice there is no Scatter symbol. You heard that right. This is a slot game that doesn’t have a Scatter symbol. But how is the bonus round started? We’ll get to that later.

The main symbols that you’re associated with are the 5 Greek Gods. You have the big three brothers; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. You also have Apollo and Aphrodite on the list of special symbols.

All of the gods are high-paying symbols. That means the payout is much larger if you get those to land in a payline. But among all of them, Zeus is a bit special.

You see, the thing about Zeus in taking Olympus slot is that it’s a Wild. That means the Zeus symbol will substitute for any other symbol on the board so that you can have a winning combination.

The Zeus symbol has a number of other functions as well. We’re going to look at all of that in the upcoming section of the review.

Take Olympus Bonus Features and Free Spins

The main feature of the slot game is the “Cycle of the Gods” mechanic. This is what we’re going to look at in this part of the Take Olympus slot review. According to the rules, every 10 spins a new god will take over the slot.

When you have an active god, every related god symbol and related symbols are marked on the reels. When the 10 spins end, that’s when you get the bonus mechanic to kick in. Each god has its own special powers. Let’s check those out.

Apollo is responsible for handing out Wild symbols. When Apollo’s cycle is over in game, all marked positions are replaced with Wilds. These wild will replace any symbol other than Zeus.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love gives player Mystery boxes at the end of her cycle. The path between the Mystery boxes on the reels, also gets transformed into Mystery boxes as well. These boxes get transformed into a single random non-Wild symbol.

Posiedon is responsible for the free spins in the online game. During his cycle in the game, all related symbols that you are counted on a counter. When the cycle is over, free spins are handed out based on the number in the counter.

You may know Hades as the god of death. But he is also the god of riches. And that’s exactly what he does in the slot. If you get Hades or his pet Cerberus on the reels, they increase a multiplier. This is applied to your winnings during the end of Hades’ cycle.

Finally, we have Zeus. He combines the powers of all the gods in the slot machine. If you get a 4 symbol configuration of Zeus with 4 other gods, you will get 10 free spins. For any other god symbols you get during his cycle, Zeus will give out multiple copies of the gods’ respective bonuses.

The Main Gambling Tips for Take Olympus Slot

If it was any other slot, we’d be offering generic tips. But since we’re talking about this game, we have some other tips for you. If you pay close attention to them, you will surely manage to score huge payouts in the game.

You must understand how the different gods and their abilities work. As bonuses are handed out at the end of the cycle, you need to check and see if you have enough to make the most of the bonuses.

If you manage to get multiple marked places on the reels, you should place a larger bet at the end of the cycle to get the maximum amount of rewards.

Take Olympus Demo Play / Free Play

All that explanation about the game is nice and all. But it won’t be worth much just reading them in reviews. Since you can play Take Olympus slot free online,you can test out the mechanic yourself.

Betsoft wants players to enjoy the gift of the gods and all their glory. That’s why you can test the gameplay out on the demo mode. You don’t have to worry about wasting money as you’ll be using demo money to play the game.

Review of Take Olympus

The unique game mechanic in Take Olympus slot revolving around the Greek gods blew us away. We had a fun time playing the Take Olympus slot demo. It really changes the way you experience and plays a pokies title. Gamblers who love themed slots will have a fantastic time playing this.

It’s not just the unique gameplay. There’s just so much more going on. The design and animation of the Take Olympus slot game is important to the overall player experience. We’re glad to inform you that the provider has paid special attention to that.

As for the safety and risk factors, the Take Olympus slot game is a low volatility slot. You might not be winning often, but it’s safer that way. If you’re worried about the payout, we recommend that you leverage the “Cycle of the Gods” to help out with that.

Information about Take Olympus Provider

The provider for the Take Olympus slot is Betsoft. They are an industry leader when it comes to iGaming titles. They have made titles in the past that received awards for their innovation and popularity.

Not only is the provider an excellent game developer, but they also make casino solutions to help out different brands. You can find casino games from Betsoft just like Take Olympus slot game in the most popular online casinos in Australia.

Is Take Olympus Slot Mobile-Optimized?

It would be a real shame if you had to stay at home all day to play the Take Olympus slot machine. No need to worry. You can enjoy the game on your mobile phone anywhere on the go. It’s designed to be optimized for any mobile device.


❓ Can I play the Take Olympus slot for free?

Yes, you can definitely play the Take Olympus slot for free. But you should know, that the demo mode for the Take Olympus slot is easier than the real money version.

❓ Does Take Olympus offer free spins?

You can only get free spins during Posiedon’s cycle in Take Olympus slot. You can also get it during Zeus’s cycle, but under special conditions.

❓ Can I win real money playing Take Olympus?

Aussie gamblers can play Take Olympus real money using actual money. If you make use of the god’s cycles well, you can get a huge payout.

❓ Can I download Take Olympus slot machine?

This game can be played anywhere on the go on your phone, directly on the browser. Even on the computer, you can play it without having to download the game.

us slot. You can also get it during Zeus’s cycle, but under special conditions.

Can I win real money playing Take Olympus?

Aussie gamblers can play Take Olympus real money using actual money. If you make use of the god’s cycles well, you can get a huge payout.

Can I download Take Olympus slot machine?

This game can be played anywhere on the go on your phone, directly on the browser. Even on the computer, you can play it without having to download the game.

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