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MrSlotty Pokies

MrSlotty Slots Review

The iGaming industry is comprised of different software providers. Some have been around for a very long time. Others only started the journey just a couple of years back. These young software providers might lack the experience of the veterans. But no one can deny they bring a breath of fresh air to the table with the slots they make.

One such provider that we have in mind today is MrSlotty. Compared to some of the other providers from our reviews, this one is relatively young. But that doesn’t have any effect on the quality of the pokies that you can enjoy here.

To give a better idea about this software provider to Aussie gamblers, we’re making a review on the top MrSlotty games online casinos. Hopefully, after we’ve covered the provider, their games and features you’ll be able to see why we’re recommending this provider to players in Australia.

About MrSlotty Software Provider

It all started in 2013 for MrSlotty. It debuted in an industry filled with giants like Microgaming, BetSoft Gaming, NetEnt and other reputed providers. But soon after starting, it quickly grabbed the attention of operators all around the world. And soon players started taking notice of the provider as well.

And it didn’t take long for the operator to reach Australia. As players here love gambling with real money on slots, it’s a perfect fit for the operator here.

The operator support slots in multiple languages. There’s also support for multiple currencies. The buzz with cryptocurrencies in recent years has also pushed the provider to include support for that as well.

It’s also partnered with multiple known names in the industry. Some of the partners you may already know if you’re a regular player in the industry. Companies like SoftGamings, 1XBet, 1 Click games are known partners of MrSlotty.

Game Features in MrSlotty Slot

Now that we know a bit about the background of the company, let’s move on directly to the game features. What things can players as well as operators expect to get from MrSlotty games? Let’s have a look, shall we?

There are so many features that the software provider offers that you will have a hard time keeping track of it all. The games load super fast with seamless API integration. You also get to see real-time stats for all of the games.

For operators there are some cool features as well. You get all of the entertaining maths such as volatility, hit rate and RTP provided for the players. And there are Global CDN that over the whole world.

The games themselves are made using native HTML5 which is supported by cross-platform gameplay. All MrSlotty games are supported up to 1080p resolution. They also don’t take up too much space, which helps operators that have hundreds of games on their servers.

MrSlotty also offers up diverse promo materials to operators that might have the need for them. Graphics, sounds, demo games, and promotional videos are just some of the things that they have in their arsenal.

The provider also boasts 7 different RNG certifications. This ensures that all of the games are fair and tested. The games are tested by iTechLabs, a leading slot testing company that will guarantee a safe and fair experience when you’re playing MrSlotty pokies.

The Best Slots MrSlotty

The MrSlotty games slots come with a myriad of special features. You have traditional bonus mechanics such as free spins and respins in the games. But what’s unique here is the double-up and even quadruple-up features. They act as great multipliers to boost your wins.

And with all of these, you also get good RTP values that give you peace of mind before you hop in to the game. The provider also includes autospin feature in their games that have built-in tools to help you gamble responsibly.

So, what are some of the best games that you can try from MrSlotty? Keep reading the MrSlotty slots review to find out.

Trendy Skulls

Trendy Skulls is a Mexican themed pokies from MrSlotty. The theme takes inspiration from the Mexican day called “dia de Los Muertos” which translates to the day of the dead. The visual elements include several designs from the day and give you an experience of what it’s like.

This game comes with a really solid RTP of 94%. It’s not bad considering the volatility of th slot which is a medium one. As for the maximum win from the slot, you can expect to win 3150x of your bet value from a single lucky spin.

There are 25 different ways to win. It also has free spins feature that you can trigger by getting 3 or more Scatters on the reels. If you want to make the most out of your bet, then the free spins round is where all the action is at.

Super Dragons Fire

Once you get passed the cool Dragon theme of the slot, you’ll start to see just how food Super Dragons Fire actually is. The MrSlotty slots RTP for this game are the same as Trendy Skulls. It’s a 94% RTP rate.

But players in Australia are going to be impressed by something else when it comes to this game. And that is the bonus gameplay mechanics. There are a couple of them and each one will grant you a different way of getting some insane wins.

The dark and gritty theme of the slot is sure to attract some Aussie gamblers with real money to play the game.

Treasures of Egypt

Ready for an adventure to Egyptian ruins from MrSlotty? The Treasures of Egypt offer you exactly as its name suggests. You wager your money on the reels for a chance to unearth the ancient treasures and riches of the pharaohs.

The moment you fire up this pokies, you will be blown away by the visual design. Sure, we’ve seen some impressive designs for these games from popular software providers in the industry. But there are not many casino games out there that can stand up to the visuals of Treasures of Egypt.

The 5 reel 25 payline slot comes with a top win of 3150x. And to back the medium volatility of the slot up, there’s the MrSlotty standard RTP of 94%.

Aztec Pyramids

Is the adventure through ancient Egypt not for you? Then you might be interested in trying an adventure into Aztec ruins.The Aztec Pyramids slot from MrSlotty is a great alternative that you should consider trying out.

Like all other slots from the provider, this one also has an RTP of 94%. Bonus features for this game include free spins, Wilds, Scatters and multipliers to make the most out of your adventure.

Why Choose MrSlotty?

After everything that you’ve read, you should have already made up your mind about at least giving the slots a shot. Whether you’re a player or an operator looking to get the games from this provider, there are a lot of reasons to sample the games from the provider.

The simple fact that the provider supports crypto payments should be one of the main reasons to choose MrSlotty. Every day we’re seeing cryptocurrency being more and more relevant. It’s expected in the near future that crypto will be the only currency that’s used. Gearing up for that future with MrSlotty games is a wise decision considering that.

As there is support for multiple currencies and languages, the games can be offered not only to players in Australia but in any corner of the world.

The provider is also certified with 7 different RNG certificates. When you think about that with the operating license for the games, you are left with a provider that’s safe and secure in every possible aspect.

And don’t get us started on cross-platform compatibility. At this point, it’s a given that a successful software provider like MrSlotty definitely offers the same games on different platforms.


❓ What makes MrSlotty Special?

When it comes to offering slots to operators, MrSlotty offers a lot of benefits that we couldn’t find in most providers. Multiple currency and language support, real-time statistics, well optimized API integration. The list goes on and on. As for the players, they get to enjoy unique interpretations of creative themes. And all of these come packaged with decent max wins on the games. All of these things combined make MrSlotty special.

❓ What makes MrSlotty slots different from other similar games?

The way MrSlotty differentiates from others is through sheer consistency. You’d be hard-pressed to find another operator that offers the same RTP across all of their offered games. Being able to do that while still maintaining great variety in the themes is a challenging feat indeed. The provider also offers global CDN that’s able to span all of the continents.

❓ Where can I play MrSlotty online casino games?

Since MrSlotty is competing against the other providers in the iGaming industry, it wouldn’t be fair if there was no option to have a demo mode for their pokies. This version of the games allows any Aussie gambler to test the features and to play MrSlotty games free online. Real money gamblers on the other hand can find MrSlotty pokies in the libraries of the best online casinos in Australia.

❓ What are the latest slots from MrSlotty?

We’ve already included a detailed account of the most popular games from MrSlotty. But if you’re only interested in the latest titles from MrSlotty, then here are some games that you can check out. Glory of Rome, License to Win, Treasures of Egypt, Super Dragons Fire, 777 Diamonds, Gold Miners, and Zeus the Thunderer are some of the latest slots at your disposal.

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