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About Us

Out of the boiling sea, going straight through the white clouds and roaring with thunder, rose the Olympia. This ancient mountain has been forgotten and has stayed out of sight for many centuries. And now it’s just the right time to turn it into an exceptional online casino with the touch of ancient Greek mythology.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like getting bonuses from Zeus, Hera, or any other God? Thanks to Olympia casino, now you have a chance to get this extraordinary experience. Enjoy playing top games of chance, activating divine bonuses, hitting tremendous jackpots and winning hot tournaments with us!

Lightning Fast Payments and Support

See the jolts of lightning in the sky of Olympia? These are indicators of how fast we process transactions and help our users to get the hang of our services. And the beauty of our support agents, given to them by Venus, loses only to their wisdom and fast troubleshooting skills — Athena's gift.

Impressive Games Library

Well, if Hephaestus had seen our games collection, he would have been impressed with the overall quality and multitude of titles. We have all the popular games, including slots, online roulette, cards, and live casino solutions.

God-Given Bonuses

Yesterday Midas went into our Promotions section and touched every single offer. For those who have no idea who this guy is, his touch turns everything into gold. To put it simply, we have the most tempting and rewarding bonuses, so feel free to claim them and elevate your gaming to a whole new level!

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